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Our Full Time Option will operate five days a week with our Core Program on Tuesday - Thursday and our Enrichment Programs on Monday and Friday.   Our Mission is simple – to help our Students discover the Hero within and to guide them along the way to becoming Leaders in the Tech and Arts industries, prepared to challenge, inspire and change the world we live in. At the Core of our Program are the Acton Academy Principals of Learning.  Our Full Program includes teaming with Industry leaders such as 4Reelz School of Film, Learning Fun 101,  and many others who will be an integral part of our community and assist in guiding our students along the way thru our Enrichment Programs. A Young Film Makers Club & Competitive Robotics team will be staples in our program.

This is not your ordinary School and Our Students are not your Ordinary Students!! Parents and Students have a say in what we bring in and how we move forward. Parents will also have the opportunity to be involved in the communities projects.

E.S.T.E.A.M. Academy flexible structure offers 2 Day (Enrichment only)3 Day (Core & Project based learning), and a 5 Day (Complete Program), so Parents & Students can find what works best for them and their Educational Goals.


  • People who realize the traditional school system no longer works to prepare children for the modern world
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Out-of-the box thinkers
  • People who need flexible attendance for travel and family obligations. (We will operate on an 11 month calendar with 5-6 week sessions and breaks in between)
  • People who want to maximize their family time
  • Trailblazers and trendsetters
  • Families who value their freedom and want their children to develop a love of learning

Our Method

The method will be a blend of Acton Academy principles, Montessori, Leadership Education (also known as Thomas Jefferson Education) and other hands-on, learner-driven models.

Looking for a Part time Option for your children?  Click HERE for more information.


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