The main objective of our SPARK Early Learners Studio is to inspire creativity, exploration and discovery through play and community building activities which set the foundations for a love for learning and develop strong character. This studio’s guides create a warm and nurturing environment that support our young heroes play based learning journey.

  • We use play and exploration as the primary guides in learning about our self, our environment, and each other.
  • Exposure to different materials and activities gives each child an opportunity to understand concepts on reading, writing and math.
  • Mentors play an important role in this plane of development, they learn from each other and practice concepts while teaching others.


A Delight-Directed Learning environment, guided by the following principles:

  • Mixed age groups which not only offer a wide range of activities to spark children’s interest but also enable children to learn from others and learn by helping others.
  • Freedom for children to work at their own pace, without interruption, choosing from a range of activities that are developmentally challenging and appropriate.
  • Exploration is encouraged so that children find things out for themselves, make mistakes and correct them independently.
  • Respect for each child as an individual personality with unique talents.
  • Respect for others, the community and the environment.