Our Enrichment Programs are designed to inspire, educate, transform, and just be down right FUN!

 1 Club =31 Classes =93 hours of learning

Only $150/month for 9 month (plus enrollment fee).

  • Monday 9am - 12pm 
    • Trade Skills Club
    • Art Club 
    • Gardening Club
    • Discovery Club (Ages 5-8)
  • Monday  1pm - 4pm: 
    • Robotics Club
    • Film Makers Club
    • Cooking Club
    • Discovery Club (Ages 5-8)
  • Friday 9am - 12pm:
    • Physical Fitness and Health Education Club
    • Makers Club
    • Music Makers Club
    • Discovery Club (Ages 5-8)
  • Friday 1pm - 4pm:
    • Strategic Board Games Club
    • Theater Arts Club
    • World Explorers (Geography Club)
    • Discovery Club (Ages 5-8)



Discovery Club:

This club is for our young Hero’s ages 4-6.

Each week this club will explore thru different hands-on, project based activities; including art, music, crafts, LEGOS, robotics. gardening, cooking, theater & more, all while LEARNING about the world around us. Not to mention, we are gonna have a whole bunch of FUN!

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Strategic Board Games Club:

Playing board games is a fun and beneficial, and strategy games sharpen critical thinking skills. It takes critical thinking to be able to plan out a strategy, make your moves, and win the game.

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Gardening Club:

Our Gardening Club will get your Green thumb Glowing, from plant identification and selection, to designing and building a new organic gardening system complete with composting, irrigation, and the best fruits & veggies we can grow!  Students will share in the produce, as well as, determine opportunities to sell at Farmers Markets, donate to Food Banks, and provide our cooking club with the freshest of ingredients. ** Please note this club meets on both Monday & Friday mornings.

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Art Club:

Our Visual Art program helps you realize your unique artistic vision through an experimental, traditional and cross-disciplinary approach to art. By creating art and studying its history we will guide you as you expand your artistic vision.

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Young Entrepreneur's Club:

This years Young Entrepreneur’s Club is bigger than ever! Not only will Students create and open their own Business and have the opportunity to showcase them at the Acton Children’s Business Fair in October, they will also work to organize and host their very own Children’s Business Fair in Round Rock, TX giving all Young Entrepreneur's the chance to launch their business empires.

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Young Filmmaker's Club:

This Club is for those who live and breath film, the content creators, the YouTube engagers, the storytellers, the entertainers. From script concept and development, production logistics to post,  marketing all the way to presenting it on screen, this course gives students an on-going, hands-on education in how it is done.

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Mini Makers Club: 

Our focus is to support your child to learn and develop new skills and to enjoy exploring an exciting range of arts and crafts activities.

Inspiring your child each week as we will use a range of techniques, tools, materials, and ideas. The weekly themes are inspired by nature, other artists and the children themselves. Activities include wood work, sewing, sculpting, crafting, and more. A full range of activities will be available each week.

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Physical Fitness Club:

Our Physical Fitness Club is designed to not only get kids active, but also to help promote healthy living and physical fitness in a fun and positive environment, thus increasing our kids health and their self esteem. The Club will introduce a variety of Sports and other Fun Outdoor activities, and introduce how the body works, teach kids how to win AND how to lose, as well as, teach about nutrition; using hands-on, creative ways to stress the importance of eating healthy, good sportsman ship, and physical fitness.

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Cooking Club:

Oh we are gonna chop it, bake it, saute it, grill it, and then we are gonna EAT IT!! This club will give Students the opportunity to learn and enhance their own cooking skills, as well as, introduce them to a wide variety of cuisine.  Goals of the club not only include expanding our palette's, but maybe even developing some future FOOD NETWORK STARS!

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Performing Arts Club:

ESTEAM provides a stimulating environment where children can explore and enjoy learning the Performing Arts which will include Acting, Band and Vocals to give your child a well-rounded experience in the performing arts.

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Robotics Maker Club & Competitive Team

Our LEGO Robotics Club will do it ALL:
Robotics, Engineering, Programming, Drones, and FLL Competition.

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Speech and Debate Club:

Speech , Debate, Ted Talks, and as soon as we are ready....Competition.  Students will learn the skills they need to deliver inspired talks, persuasive speeches, and successful debates.

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eSports Club:

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