Welcome to E.S.T.E.A.M: an Acton Academy

At the Core of our Program are the Acton Academy Principals of Learning. Our Full Program includes teaming with Industry leaders such as 4Reelz School of Film, Learning Fun 101, and many others who will be an integral part of our community and assist in guiding our students along the way thru our Enrichment Programs. A Young Film Makers Club & Robotics Club will be staples in our program.

This is not your ordinary School and Our Students are not your Ordinary Students!! Parents and Students have a say in what we bring in and how we move forward. Parents will also have the opportunity to be involved in the communities projects.

The perfect candidate for Acton E.S.T.E.A.M are Self-Sufficient, Outside the Box Thinkers! Creative, Risk Takers, who Dream Big and are Not Afraid of Failure!

We are located in Round Rock, Texas, and accept students from all the surrounding areas, including: North Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill, Hutto, Tayler, Pflugerville.

Our Mission

At E.S.T.E.A.M Academy, our Mission is simple:

To help our Students discover the Hero within and to guide them along their journey to becoming Leaders with a Calling who are prepared to challenge, inspire and change the world.

"We Will Rise."



Passion, Purpose, Curiosity, and Grit. These are the things that have driven Nicholle thru her life. Born and raised in the South, at the age of 20, she would set out on her Hero’s journey and chase her dreams to Los Angeles, CA. There she attended Santa Monica College,Cal State Fullerton, studied Theater Arts, traveled to China as part of a Musical Theater Troupe/Cross Cultural Exchange Program, received her license in Cosmetology, and worked her way up in a startup from an entry level position to VP of Operations in just under 5 years. After relocating to Austin, TX in 2008, Nicholle opened Edgen Films in 2010, and then 4Reelz School of Film in 2014, offering classes and camps where kids, teens, and adults of all ages could come to explore, create, and express, while learning and developing skills in a variety of Art / Tech Industry’s.

Of all her adventures, becoming Mom to 3 wonderful boys is truly where passion and purpose aligned, and Nicholle wanted to ensure they would have an environment where they could discover their own unique gifts, talents, passion’s, and purpose. In 2016, Nicholle would team up with Joann Nolte and open E.S.T.E.A.M Academy (an Acton Academy affiliate) combining their love of Art, Technology, and Entrepreneurship with Core Academic Studies, Socratic based Discussions, Projected-Based Learning and Enrichment, in a Student-Led environment.



As a life-long learner, JoAnn has pursued a wide range of knowledge and experience across several fields.  JoAnn studied Organizational Management and Youth Psychology while attending Colorado Christian University, she began her journey in the realm of learning as she and her four children journeyed together through 12 years of homeschooling.

Along the way, JoAnn has learned real-life lessons on how young minds truly think and learn, how to celebrate and capitalize on those varied learning styles, and strengthen individual talents and interests.  She celebrates opportunities to see those around her heroically traverse challenges to discover how they can change their corner of the world.  She truly believes that everyday life is a huge, open classroom with endless possibilities.

While on this learning journey JoAnn started Learning Fun 101: LEGO Robotics, an educational company in the Central Texas Area that reaches over 2000 children every year with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.   Learning Fun 101 success was the beginning of her life as an entrepreneur and a key component in the creation of E.S.T.E.A.M Academy.

:: Studio Guides ::


Ashley Roush


Born and raised in Austin, TX, Guide Ashley is excited about life and thankful to be living it with her husband, Joshua, and two dogs. She is thrilled to be the guide for the ESTEAM Academy Discovery Heroes and has a passion for assisting others in finding their own desires and love for life. Ashley looks forward to sharing this journey with our youngest heroes at ESTEAM!

Discovery Guide


Ayme Warner


As a former teacher, Ayme saw the benefit of, and need for, hands-on experiences that empower individuals to unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as the beauty of handing over control to the learners. After 13 years in the classroom, she embarked on her next great adventure by joining the team at ESTEAM as a guide. She values pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone, failing and learning daily, and seeking opportunities for growth and expansion as often as possible.

Explorers Guide


Daniel Davenport


Daniel Davenport is a dedicated guide at ESTEAM Academy, bringing with him a passion for learning and a love for guiding young minds. Originally from Southern California, he moved to Texas in 2016, to pursue a better life for his family. Daniel finds solace in the wisdom of stoicism, embracing a simple yet purposeful approach to life. An avid reader, he constantly seeks new knowledge and treasures the joy of learning.

Pathfinders Guide

:: Career Opportunities ::

Career opportunitiesIf you or someone you know is interested in joining our passionate innovative team of educators, please check out the our Career Opportunities.