Brett St. Germain Dennis


Brett St Germain Dennis: From a very young age, Brett’s family filled his head with stories of people who have made major contributions to humanity. “If these people have done this, you can too” he was told. His family instilled work ethic, outside the box thinking, being true to oneself, and they made sure to instill the knowledge of how precious time is.

Brett grew into a doer. At the age of 13, Brett started working at McDonalds, and by the age of 17 was the Boys Head Councilor at summer Camp NEOFA. He has been in managerial rolls ever since. Brett carried 28 credit hours per semester in college, and graduated with a degree in Music Composition and an English Minor. After College, Brett worked as a snowboarding instructor at Olympic Training Ground Whiteface Mountain in NY, and his riding was filmed for a Whiteface Mt. commercial. Brett moved to New York City where he wrote 8 screen and stage plays. He also launched DNA Productions, which saw the successful launch of one stage play where no investors lost money. Being at the towers on the 11th, Brett decided to abandon DNA, leave New York City, and pursue another way to find meaning in his life.

Having graduated college with a degree in Music Composition, Brett is proud to say that he has performed nearly 700 times in his life, and written around 3,000 musical works to date, ranging from full orchestral pieces, to simple chord based “folk songs”.
Brett is a doer. Brett is extremely happy to be working with Esteam Academy, and is hopeful that he can Guide others to become doers, and positive contributors, to society as well.