Bob Maccarni


Bob started competitive athletics at the young age of 6 years old playing Little League Baseball and Pee Wee Football in New York City. He went on to become a multi – sport athlete in High School Playing Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, and Track & Field. He took an interest in the conditioning methods of the trainers and decided to pursue the field of sports and fitness.

Bob studied Physical Therapy and Exercise Science for 2 years at Northeastern University and went on to a career of over 35 years in Fitness and Sports Conditioning, attaining certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine ( NASM ), The National Strength & Conditioning Association ( NSCA ), and The American Council on Exercise ( ACE ), while staying active in competitive sports until the age 47.

While having vast experience in all facets of general health and fitness with both youths and adults, including nutrition, weight control, athletic related training, injury rehabilitation & prevention, and basic overall strength, Bob now specializes in Sports Conditioning and injury prevention for youths and young adults. His programs are designed to increase strength, agility, speed, and stamina so as to increase performance in every sport or general physical activity. He pays close attention to core strength and flexibility to not only performance, but to also dramatically decrease the chance of injury during sporting activities and competitions.

Bob’s techniques combine the strict training program to increase performance with teaching the fundamentals of sports conditioning and nutrition. He feels that if an athlete, or anyone for that matter, understands how his or her body is affected by exercise and the food they consume, it offers a long lasting foundation for a healthy mind and body for the rest of their lives. Bob will teach proper exercise techniques as well as recovery methods so our young athletes can enjoy improved performance on the field, in the gym, or wherever your activities may take you for many years to come.