Joshua Roush


Joshua Roush has become an accomplished musician, composer, and instructor through the years. Pursuing a degree in Music Education, he learned and mastered several instruments with a thirst for knowledge and improvement. Playing in Carnegie Hall at the age of seventeen, singing in the National Cathedral at the age of eighteen, winning the John Phillips Sousa award, and winning the talent show in his senior year of high school are just a few of many of his accomplishments. He plays and has played in many bands as well as holding the position of Drum Major and Student Conductor in high school musical ensembles. He is very passionate about helping his students on their journey through music. Several instruments are offered including guitar, piano, voice, many brass-wind instruments, as well as music theory and composition/song writing. When Joshua isn’t teaching, he is playing in one of his bands – Three:33 (rock originals), Roc Holiday (rock originals), Trick Shot (high energy covers with a rock edge). He also fills in with various bands around town.

“Music is in every part of life-live it.”