Daniel Calderone


Daniel (Dan) Calderone has been drawing since kindergarten where he skipped-out on class to hide in the library with a learn-to-draw Popeye book, until he got caught. Dan was born in Pennsylvania, although he grew up in Houston, TX and currently resides with his family near Austin, TX. where they are active in the homeschool community.

Dan attends The Art Institute of Austin in pursuit of a BA in Media Arts & Animation with graduation anticipated in December of 2015 at which time he will present his full portfolio. He studies predominantly in 3D environment art but additionally he is advanced in concept art, storytelling, story boards, animation, and digital paint. His work has been represented in two film festivals and has been featured by Professors. When not busy with homework, Dan can be found fighting evil doers from his home base in Hutto, TX along side his team of trusty sidekicks: his wife, three daughters, and super-pets kitty and fish.

Dan can be reached at calderone.dan@gmail.com

My online Generalist Reel can be viewed here at www.dancalderone.com